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Our Services

Pod System

Our system was born out of our commitment to smarter working and to create a working environment that enables our team to always put the child first.

This innovative system creates a comprehensive structure of support and collaboration, allowing all involved to carry out their best work. For children, it means the best solution and consistency throughout their journey.

Each pod is made up of:

  • 1 Consultant Practitioner
  • 1 Senior Social Worker
  • 1 Social Worker
  • 1 Newly Qualified Social Worker
  • 1 Family Support Worker (Safeguarding)
  • 1 Specialist Worker (Parenting Specialist or Youth Worker)
  • 1 Case Co-ordinator

Each case is shared between all members of a pod and worked on together. This ensures that no individual gets bogged down with overly heavy caseloads. The broad mix of experience levels and backgrounds provides a rich learning and development experience.

A Case Co-ordinator provides administrative support for all other members, enabling social workers to focus on ‘what they are good at’ – social work itself.

Pod working provides consistency for children and families as each case is overseen from start to finish by the same team. The shared expertise and experience of an entire team rather than one individual makes all the difference when it comes to achieving consistently positive outcomes

Since its introduction in September 2014, the pod system has seen significant success and proved incredibly popular amongst existing staff.

Discover the opportunities to work within this dynamic and forward-thinking system by viewing our current vacancies.

Our Services


As well as our highly effective Assessed and Supported Year in Employment programme, we’re proud to be one of the first organisations in the country to support the Frontline programme.

Frontline is a ground-breaking social work education programme which places high priority on hands-on experience and practise-based learning. The two year programme combines academic training with placements in a local authority during which participants gain practical front line experience.

The programme is designed to provide graduates with a non-social work degree a route into the profession.

Born out of a determination to transform the lives of vulnerable children, Frontline sets out to develop high-performing graduates into the new generation of outstanding social workers. The challenging programme demands a great deal from participants in order to develop an extremely strong set of skills that will equip them to bring about change and achieve positive outcomes for families.

By the end of their first year, participants will have gained over 200 days ‘on-the-job’ training as well as 50 days academic training. This will lead to a diploma qualification that will enable them to join Achieving For Children as newly qualified social workers, on an employed basis for the second year of their programme.

We’re delighted to be part of this innovative programme set to mould the future of the profession.